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Not too long ago I was (and still am!) honored to have the opportunity to be featured in a post on Courtney Joseph’s blog, WomenLivingWell.org (her blog is beyond amazing/helpful!) and I’ve received quite a few questions about my bible marking, studying and journaling. Click HERE: for the post! 🙂 So I put together a Q + A!


Bible Marking + Study.

Do you use a code/Bible marking guide?
I’ve been Bible marking for years. I do use a code, but not from the inductive bible study or anything like that, I simply made my own up! 🙂 I started out with a few basic colors for example: yellow for christian living, pink for marriage/womanly duties, orange for old law & prophecy, clouds for heaven references, red crosses for salvation, save, deliver etc. references… And more, I’ve just been adding to it over the years and have had to get creative lately, I’m running out of symbols & colors! LOL 🙂 I keep everything on an index card for reference. But to make up your own I recommend Googling “bible marking symbols” and things like that for ideas… But remember its great to make up your own symbols for certain things too, so that you can use symbols/colors that personally mean something to you! 🙂

***REMEMBER it’s not about how you mark your Bible, but how your Bible marks you and has a true impact on your life!***
“Don’t be guilty of marking your Bible without letting it mark you.”

Can you post your code?
No. 🙂 Get creative while digging into God’s Word! One of the amazing things about studying our Bibles is that it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s!

Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to God to write in the Bible?
Definitely not! Please remember that we worship GOD, not a book! This book is our tool to help us get to know Him, become who He wants us to become, to get through life and so much more! The Bible tells us that we shall not live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God! HIS Word is LIFE! So read it (not just familiar passages and “favorites” but the ENTIRE Bible)! Study it! Highlight it! Mark it! Underline it! Write it out! Journal it! Share it! Draw it out! Blog about it! Instagram about it! Tab it! Take notes! Pray about it! Meditate on it! Do whatever YOU have to do so that it truly has an impact on YOUR life & walk with God, because we’re all different!

How do I get started?
To start off I recommend choosing four main themes, whatever’s important to YOU… marriage, Christian living, God’s character, prophecy, God’s promises, idolatry etc. And choose four highlighter colors like yellow = Christian living, pink = wife/women duties & marriage etc. As far a marking specific words go: blue clouds for heaven references. Red cross for salvation references. Pink or red hearts for love and heart references. And just do that at first and go from there. I think that would be a great start! 🙂 I didn’t make my entire marking guide in a day, month or year lol, I just added to it over the years as I began to focus on certain things. 🙂

Where did you get your tabs and what are they used for?
I purchased the tabs with the Books of the Bible written on them from ChristianBook.com, they’re called “rainbow tabbies.” The other ones are Post-It’s tabs from Wal-Mart. I use them for 4 main themes that are important to me.

Why do you write/mark in your Bible?
For many reasons. 🙂
-It causes me to slow down and to focus.
-It helps me to stay interested.
-It helps me to retain what I’m reading.
-As a form of worship, not worshiping the Bible but worshiping God through my time, love and dedication of studying His word in depth.
-I think it’s beautiful! 🙂
-It makes studying the Bible very enjoyable!
-What a beautiful way to show my children the physical love I had for The Lord and His Word, and to leave precious notes behind for them one day long after I’m gone.
-Both Bible marking and journaling has truly helped me in so many ways.


I’m afraid to write in my Bible.
If you’re afraid of “messing up” a new or expensive Bible, I recommend going to a thrift shop or dollar store to pick one up from there. 🙂

What type of Bible do you use and where did you get it?
A standard NKJV Bible from Kenneth Copeland ministries. I didn’t purchase it… Note: I don’t “endorse” KCM in any way shape of form. I was actually at my parents house one day a few years ago (parents seem to always have extra Bibles laying around!) and as I was walking out the door I told them “I’m taking this Bible home with me.” Haha 🙂 A very *similar Bible can be found Here: https://my.kcm.org/products/authors/kcp-publications/new-king-james-version-bible

Update: I just got a new Bible… FINALLY! Haha 🙂 It’s a KJV Wide Margin Bible, by Cambridge Bibles!

Did you know there’s something called a Journaling Bible? There’s more space to write and draw in those!
Yes, I am very aware. 🙂


What kind of highlighters to do you use for Bible Marking and what do you recommend?
There’s so many different brands and my bible has seen them all! I recommend going to ChristianBook.com, and searching for “highlighters” you can check out a lot of different options and read the reviews on them. They have great Bible highlighters! A lot of their products are available at Walmart, Target and local Christian Book stores if you don’t want to have to wait for shipping. Also, your highlighters don’t have to be name brand to work effectively, I use cheap, dollar store “non brand” highlighters sometimes and they work great. Whether they bleed through or not also depends on the thickness of your Bible’s pages.


It looks like you have tape and paper over the words, how can you read the Bible like that?
The papers that look “glued on” are actually just decorated sticky notes I use them for writing notes sometimes because some parts of my bible have really small margins! I only use the washi/decorative tape over blank spaces in my Bible, never over the words.

I as wondering if you use a specific website to help you study the Bible? I have a hard time understanding the scripture sometimes and would like some good resources to assist with my understanding and growth. Any suggestions?
I recommend prayer first. Pray for understanding and guidance before you read. My Bible is basic, as in not study Bible or anything like that. So when I don’t understand something I read different commentaries. Sometimes I’ll ask my husband about it or even just Google the particular Bible verse! Biblegateway.com & Biblestudytools.com are helpful sites! Reading the same verse in a different translation (that helps me a lot, too!). And sometimes just rewriting the verse out in my journal helps to really slow down and just “take the words in.”


How do you choose what you read each day?
I’m currently following along with Courtney’s “Blogging Through The Bible” with Good Morning Girls! It’s simply ONE chapter a day and ANYONE can join at ANYTIME. There are no sign ups or anything like that. Visit GoodMorningGirls.org for the reading plan, weekly blog posts + videos, and more information! I also read where ever God leads me to and past week’s church sermons. I try to read through the entire
Bible at least once a year.

Do you take this Bible to church?
I use a different Bible for church. It’s mainly blank with a few highlights. I use a blank Bible for church so that I can really focus on the subject matter of the sermon. I take sermon notes on a separate sheet of paper and I later transfer them to my marked up Bible and/or journal.


Journaling + Supplies!

Why do you journal?
I journal because its really therapeutic for me and helps me to dig even deeper into God’s Word. It’s also a way for me to show my gratitude towards God as a form of worship- not worshipping the journal- but worshipping Him *through* the journal… the written out scriptures, observations, applications, prayers, and small illustrations of His what words mean to me. To put the passion my heart has for Him onto paper into a form of art. To praise Him. To confess my sins. To surrender and to cry out to Him. It’s really great to reflect on, to see how far I have came in my walk with God and also things that I need to improve on.

What Bible Study method do you recommend for journaling?
The SOAP Method! Visit soapstudy.com for more information and how-tos!


Does the colors, tape, and stickers in your journal have a specific meaning?
No, everything in my journal *except for the words I write* are sporadic and fun decor! It’s makes what I learn more memorable and very inviting to come back to when I need to review what God has laid on my heart.


What type of Bible study supplies do you use and where did you get them?
My Bible, a spiral tablet, stickers, pens, highlighters, markers etc., decorative/washi tape and post-it notes. Everything that I just listed is available at Dollar Tree! 😀 I also have a composition/1000 gifts book for writing down my daily blessings/gratitudes. I keep everything in the pink princess bag (thanks, Dollar Tree!) to keep it all together so that I don’t have to ramble all over the house to prepare for my personal Bible study. In addition, I keep head phones nearby because I love listening to worship music as I journal, and a book light, in case I decide to study in bed while my hubby is sleeping. Please keep in mind that you don’t NEED all of these things for Bible Study, all you need is God, your Bible and prayer! 🙂


Do you have a Facebook, Youtube or Blog?
Besides this simple page, all I have is an Instagram. Username = gypsy.mama.nc 🙂

*** The answers to these questions are what works for ME, something completely different may work for you! If you have any other questions feel free to email me or contact me via Instagram and I’ll try to post the answer here, as soon as possible! For more photos, along with devotions, visit: Instagram.com/gypsy.mama.nc

God bless! ❤




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